The History of Pievalta

Pioneers in Marche in Biodynamic Farming

The Pievalta winery is located in Maiolati Spontini township, Ancona province, in the Marches (Marche), in the heart of the Castelli di Jesi. It’s a land renowned for its small, walled medieval villages and for the production of wines made from Verdicchio grapes.

The 24 villages that consitute the Castelli di Jesi are places of history and ancient traditions that keep intact the medieval spirituality of the old monasteries and hermitages that constellate the territory.

In 2002 Barone Pizzini crosses the border of Franciacorta and chooses the region of Castelli di Jesi recognizing the great potential of Verdicchio as being one of the most important indigenous grape varieties of Italy.

They purchase first 24 hectares in Maiolati Spontini and after just a few months another 5,5 hectares on Monte Follonica in San Paolo di Jesi.

Alessandro Fenino, a young enologist who had already worked a number of harvests at Barone Pizzini, receives the proposal to follow this project in Castelli di Jesi.

Alessandro leaves Milan and, changing his life radically, comes to Maiolati Spontini where he learns to know Verdicchio.

Thanks to Barone Pizzini’s many years of experience in organic farming, whose advocate is Silvano Brescianini, the vineyards are at once managed under organic practices and in 2005 they begin to work biodynamically.

In 2008 Pievalta becomes the first company to be certified Demeter in Le Marche and in 2018 they joined  Syndicat International des Vignerons en Culture Bio‐Dynamiq; since 2018 vintage Pievalta wines are Biodyvin certified.

The vineyards are planted with cover crops of legumes between rows and with biodynamic preparations to promote the formation of fertile humus, vitalizing plant growth and giving the most respect for the territory.

Alessandro Fenino manages the project Pievalta from its inception. He immediately falls in love with the territory and with Verdicchio.

He is convinced that the link between living soil and the roots of a plant are fundamental for giving character to wine and tying it to its territory of origin.

In 2008 Alessandro is joined by Silvia Loschi, his colleague at Barone Pizzini and now his life partner.

Silvia chose to share with Alessandro the dream to live in contact with nature.

She works in the winery giving guided tours and acts as the brand ambassador.

Biodynamic viticulture

Biodynamic viticulture means bringing life into the vineyard by helping it to reactivate the forces that put it in relation with the sky and the earth.

We work exclusively with natural preparations and organic and vegetal compounds so as to facilitate the formation of fertile humus and revitalize plant growth. This is the only way, in our view, to create a wine that truly expresses the unique character of the place where it is grown and the vintage.

“We don’t transform the grape into wine but we accompany it in its making, always taking a step back as not to break the harmony of the place with our intervention, but on the contrary, leave it to express itself freely, at first to the sight of those who cross over these hills, and then to the taste of those who savor it in the glass.”

– Alessandro Fenino.

Vineyards and Cellar

Pievalta takes its name from the small pieve, or rural church that is posted at the entrance of the property. It extends about 30 hectares distributed over two vineyards on opposite slopes of the Esino Valley.

The hills of Castelli di Jesi were formed in the remote ages of the Adriatic Sea, more than 5 million years ago.

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